Channel 9 popular cartoon that children in the 2000s

Go back to yesterday, the popular cartoon channel 9 that children in the early 2000s must have seen. Today, the admin will bring back yesterday with the famous cartoon Channel Nine , where children in the past 10 years, like the admin, will have to sit and wait and watch every Saturday – Sunday. In the past, in an age when the Internet was not as accessible to people as it is now, the only entertainment of children in that era was not the tablet or the screen of the phone.

But it is a television cartoon that will be shown in the morning, but in that era that was loud at that time, it was a cartoon from Channel Nine that will be available on Saturdays, Sundays, the admin was the one who sat and watched every day. Wake up very early To come and watch cartoons with us, the admin would like to recommend Channel Nine for everyone to see, in case you might want to open up some memories of childhood during this December.

Sailor Moon

Coming to the first story, being a cartoon favorite of girls in that era, that morning, Saturday, Sunday, it must sit and watch us, the young knight from the moon will punish you. This sentence, have you ever been? It was released in 1994. Before the admin was born again, this manga is called Sailor Moon.

The Young Girl Movement is the story of a young girl movement that receives special powers from the moon and stars to transform an ordinary girl into a super hero to adapt the villains. Along with the legendary hit phrase arrived at this age is The agent of the moon will punish you. Here, while typing, I thought if I transformed into a lot, with the insignificance, do not forget to go look and see. I said it was very fun and exciting.


Slump Dr. Slump and Little Arale, filming 1997.

And is another story that I can not talk about at all, it is a popular cartoon of that size, it is a cartoon that comes from the pen of the creator of the legendary cartoon, Dragon ball, is the story and has the Thai name as Dr. Ghetto and Little Mouse. Arale, which aired on Channel Nine Osomotos in 1997.

It tells the story of a doctor who he is an inventor who likes to invent over there and he invented a baby robot named Nori Makiarale, or as we call it Arare for short. She comes with a mischievous, bewitching that comes out the cutest, and she has us, a friend, a friend in the penguin village, he said that this story is so cute, it’s so fun, I want to watch it.


Detective Conan (1999)

Coming to this story that is so popular until now, one of the cartoons that is indispensable

is the story of Detective Conan, who in that era it was announced that Channel Nine will bring

this cartoon movie to the house. We at that time were very hilarious news that everyone should

already know.

That the movie will talk about a famous detective who one day mistakenly got attacked by a villain

until he suffered an injury and then was filled with poison to destroy the happiness and not the remains,

but the effect of the drug is the opposite until it makes him.

He turned into a little boy and had to disguise

himself in order to find the villain who had hurt himself.


Dragon Ball Dragon Ball was released in 1988.

And, of course, there is no more lack of this than Toon, this legend has managed to gain a considerable reputation on Channel Nine, starting from the very beginning that tells the story of a tail boy’s journey in search of a dragon ball that he can ask for. Any blessing if compiled complete seven children before

The story will have a huge expansion, it is about the fight to protect the universe in which

we live until now, this card, the story by stepping across the dimension to fight in the great

cosmic world has been completed by other universes as well by the story of The story of Dakorn Ball

debuted on Channel Nine in 1988, and of course it is indispensable, the voice of Uncle Toi,

which gives the character the voice of this character to grow in perfect harmony.

Channel Nine cartoon, which is another legendary story that has it all.


Let’s finish off with the most famous cartoon that is the most famous of all.


Everyone can think of it already, right? Of course, this story has been with Channel Nine

for a long time since 1977, the color is Doraemon.


The blue cat from the future is the story of a robot, a cat with no ears coming from a futuristic world through a drawer to bring the life of a boy Nobita. His future great-grandchildren will not have to be in trouble.

It is the story of the magic that comes from the marsupial of this blue cat. Let’s say that it’s fun and turbulent, and it’s cute, and it creates chaos in each episode endlessly.

Until now, Channel Nine continues to bring new episodes to use. Until now, we’re still sitting down to watch. This Toon on the TV screen with my nephew and grandchildren.



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