Review Blue Mountain State Season 1 Produced by Eric Falconer

Blue Mountain State

Review Blue Mountain State Season 1 Produced by Eric Falconer Alex Moran has begun his senior year at Blue Mountain State.

Since the team is predicted to not do as well this season, he decides to dedicate his final year more to partying.

Meanwhile, a new dean threatens to take over the Goat House, the party location
for the school’s football team, Alex reaches out to Thad Castle, who has recently
been drafted into the NFL, to buy the house.

Thad agrees he will, but only if Alex throws a party in his honor and it meets his wild expectations. The party, full of drugs and amusement rides, gets out of hand, but Thad is impressed nevertheless.

The auction begins for the house, and Thad bids five million dollars on it (having outbid himself from three million). Alex celebrates having “his” house back, and Thad confronts him on only thinking of himself when agreeing to create Thadland. Thad angrily banishes Alex from the Goat House.

Alex, in a dream, sees a potential future where Sammy is dead, Thad, now a middle-aged wash-up, is living in the Goat House, having never left, and Alex is now his house boy.

Horrified, Alex wakes up in the middle of a deserted field. He walks to a nearby road, where he flags down a car driven by his old teammate, Craig Shilo.

The two go to Thadland together, which is still running as a shell of
its former self, with derelict amusement attractions and multiple
deaths as a result of partying too much. Alex finds a drugged out Sammy,
who has eaten Billy as a form of vengeance.

At a press conference about Thadland and Coach Marty Daniels’ poor personal
behavior, Daniels angrily tells the reporters and Dean Oliviares off, admitting
to everything he’s done and denying any regret for it.

In the basement of the Goat House, Alex confronts Harmon about a balloon-based
drugs and what is inside of them.

Harmon reveals that the drugs are a fermented gas derived from the house’s septic tank.

A disgusted Alex uses his authority as captain to coerce Harmon to shut the tanks down, to which he complies. Upstairs, Alex finds Thad and Mary Jo, both of whom are high due to the drug.

Alex confronts him about his supposed wealth and asks why he can waste his time at a party at a college campus rather than attending practice with his professional team.

Thad tearfully reveals that his contract was voided due to his bad behavior upon receiving his money, and that all of his wealth was fake.

Alex, enraged, asks why he did that, and Thad produces a handgun, declaring that if he couldn’t have his wealth, he wanted to die because he was out of money and had no friends.

Alex refuses to help Thad kill himself, but instead has another plan.


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