Review Movie Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa 2013

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa

Review Jackass Presents : Bad Grandpa (also known as Bad Grandpa) is a 2013 American hidden camera comedy film directed by Jeff Tremaine and written by Tremaine, Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville.

It is the fourth film in the Jackass franchise. The film stars Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll and it was produced by MTV Films and Dickhouse Productions and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The film was released on October 25, 2013.

Bad Grandpa has a loose narrative that connects the stunts and pranks together (in a manner reminiscent of Borat),as opposed to the three original Jackass films which did not have a story.

Billy is sitting in the waiting room of a lawyer’s office. His mother Kimmie comes out to grab him and tells him they are going to see his grandfather.

Irving Zisman is sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, reading a magazine and looking at racy photos. A nurse comes in to inform Irving that his wife has died.

After a brief moment of silence, Irving starts laughing, overjoyed that his wife is dead.

Irving leaves the hospital to get himself a “happy-ending” massage or strip tease, but unfortunately for him, the massage parlor and strip club are closed.

Desperate, he sticks his penis into the slot of a vending machine. That is when he gets himself stuck and starts asking onlookers for help.

Irving attends his wife Ellie’s funeral with a group of strangers as they outlived all their close friends.

As he starts giving a speech, Billy and his mother Kimmie barge in and Kimmie
pulls Irving outside to speak with him. She says she is going back to jail for violating
her parole, and she asks Irving to make sure Billy stays with his father.

Irving reluctantly agrees and they go back inside.

Kimmie starts to steal a pearl necklace from Ellie’s casket, but Irving tries to stop her. Their struggle ends up pushing Irving into the casket, spilling Ellie’s corpse onto the floor.

Irving takes Billy to meet with a counselor while they contact Billy’s father.

Chuck turns out to be a deadbeat who refuses to take Billy in as he is unable to afford to do so.

When his girlfriend comes in to remind him that he can get child support for Billy, he instructs Irving to take Billy down to Raleigh, North Carolina to drop him off by Sunday.

Irving starts selling his late wife’s belongings, and attempts to sell her bed to a potential customer. Later, Irving calls a couple of unwitting guys to come help remove the bed, though he really asks them to help him and Billy carry Ellie’s body to the trunk of his car, since he felt that she needs to be taken south to be buried properly.


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