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erry Pratchett S Going Postal

Terry Pratchett S Going Postal Going Postal is a two-part television film adaptation of
Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, adapted by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle
and produced by The Mob, which was first broadcast on Sky1, and in high
definition on Sky1 HD, at the end of May 2010.

After years of undertaking confidence tricks, Moist von Lipwig is caught
by the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and is sentenced to death under his current alias, Albert Spangler.

After a brief spell in prison he is hanged by the neck, but not killed. He is brought before Patrician Havelock Vetinari who likens himself to an angel, offering Moist a change of life.

He gives Moist the choice to either become the new Postmaster or be executed by falling down a deep pit.

Moist immediately attempts to escape but is caught by his parole officer Mr Pump,
a golem, and brought to the rundown post office where he meets his two staff:
the elderly Junior Postman Tolliver Groat and his assistant, the pin-obsessed Stanley Howler.

Moist learns that the post office has been superseded by semaphore towers known
as “Clacks” which send messages using light signals which are faster than sending
letters by post and owned by the unscrupulous Reacher Gilt.

Initially Moist attempts to escape his duty, but realises that he cannot get away
without overcoming Mr Pump, so he goes to the Golem Trust to help understand
how golems are created and controlled.

There he meets Adora Belle Dearheart for whom he begins to develop feelings.

His skills prove to be useful in making the post office popular again, both when
he invents the postage stamp in an attempt to raise money (which proves to be
highly successful), and when he starts an express post service to neighbouring cities.

While staying in the post office Moist begins to experience visions which show him
that some of his confidence tricks led to tragedies for those he conned, which result
in him having feelings of remorse for the first time.

These feelings are heightened when he discovers that Adora Belle’s father, Robert Dearheart, was indirectly a victim of one of his cons, and as a result lost ownership of his invention, the Clacks. Moist confesses his past misdeeds to Adora Belle just as the post office is set afire.

Moist sets his own safety aside and runs into the burning building to rescue Stanley Howler.

Before finding Stanley, he encounters Mr Gryle, a banshee assassin, who confesses that he killed the previous four Postmasters on behalf of Gilt. Just as Gryle is about to strike, Moist calls on the haunted letters in the post office to stop Gryle, which they do.

The burning of the post office means that the people of
Ankh-Morpork are turning back to the “Clacks” for sending
their messages, so Moist comes up with a plan to draw people
back to the post office by pretending that he has experienced
a vision telling him where the gods have buried money to help
repair the post office

(in reality the money was a hidden stash from his past cons).

This succeeds, so Moist announces a new long distance delivery service.


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